Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the secret code of the prisoner

Sorry for the delay folks; I've been rooting around the secret layer of Villain X trying to find anyway I might attempt a rescue of the great Professor. Alas, the fortress seems impregnable. But do not lose heart, fellow adventurers, I have recorded this sound here:

You see, the footsteps - and the pauses in-between - is a code. But for what, I am not sure. I can make out part of it: "We are the shadows..." After that, friends, I know not what it suggests or says. If any of you brave adventurers can crack the code, please leave comment. This may be the very thing we need to free the brave Professor and save dear Balloo.

And for the extra-adventurer in all, another picture here that depicts the labyrinthine cave that hides the layer of Villain X somewhere in its midst.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

the latest from the good professor

Hello fellow adventurers, I have been fortunate enough to receive this top secret broadcast from Professor Fare's internal radio transmitter. It turns out some villain (Villain X?) has him trapped in his lair. Listen:

And some say that the mountain-cave in this image is the very same secret layer of Villain X! Be careful, adventurers, lest you too get caught in the same nefarious clutches as Professor Fare. Poor Balloo!

Until we meet again...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Dr. Diablo's handiwork

Seen here in a rare photo is the remains of a man after suffering exposure from Dr. Diablo's rock-beam (he calls it his Matter-Stultifier-Ray). Diablo is the arch-nemesis and rival of the professor. It is suspected that years ago each brilliant man was in love with Eudora Campell, the reclusive heiress to the Campell billions. Her love, won by the professor, was such that it committed him to a life of good; but her lack of love, given over to the doctor, was such that he committed himself to a life of evil. Is the professor now embroiled in some battle with his nemesis? Time will tell, fellow adventurers. And pity the poor rock man seen above; it is also believed that the great professor is at work on a counter-ray to save the many who have been doomed to the rocky, horrific fate.
Stay with us; updates will follow.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

sightings of Professor Fare

In this photo taken on the outskirts of Marfa, we see what may be a sighting of the reclusive Professor Fare in one of his renowned adventures. Will it be zombie pirates he faces this time? Perhaps snow-globe escaped, Xanadu-eyed miscreants? Or could it be a recurrence of his famous battle with Emperor Ming Ming the dragon-toothed caveman? Stay tuned, loyal blog aficionados, answers will be had, this I swear!

And visit bohococo.blogspot.com, to see other investigative angles of happenings in and around Marfa, Texas, home of the bohemian hordes!