Monday, August 10, 2009

Dr. Diablo's handiwork

Seen here in a rare photo is the remains of a man after suffering exposure from Dr. Diablo's rock-beam (he calls it his Matter-Stultifier-Ray). Diablo is the arch-nemesis and rival of the professor. It is suspected that years ago each brilliant man was in love with Eudora Campell, the reclusive heiress to the Campell billions. Her love, won by the professor, was such that it committed him to a life of good; but her lack of love, given over to the doctor, was such that he committed himself to a life of evil. Is the professor now embroiled in some battle with his nemesis? Time will tell, fellow adventurers. And pity the poor rock man seen above; it is also believed that the great professor is at work on a counter-ray to save the many who have been doomed to the rocky, horrific fate.
Stay with us; updates will follow.

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