Monday, May 11, 2009

311 has something to say about evolution

Here you go, folks, some wise words indeed from 311 about the nature of humanity and what we need to evolve into the superman. The clip is from the song titled - ta daa - "Evolution," off their album 'Soundsystem.' Gosh, those guys sure are deep. Like, carpe diem and shit!

And now, inspired by the deep thoughts of 311, I give you a quick news report from an alternate future.

Ahem, yes, this just in, a report from the nation of Urbantopia: apparently they have finally achieved success in their goals to download their entire society onto the mother of all Macs. Disdaining the material world composed of such elements as platinum and gold, the nation has embedded their collective concious onto a deliciously stylish Mac harddrive. One citizen stated that he would now like to pursue his life's dream of becoming 'The Lawnmower Man.' Others, taking a cue from the 1982 film 'Tron,' are even now cruising about virtual streets on virtual motorcycles and drinking electronically juiced virtual water. ...wait...wait a minute...this just in...again...the electronic nation of Urbantopia, in a reversal of their non-materialistic traditional values, have now invented virtual precious metals for the virtual society. Asked as to why they did such a thing, the president of the country replied, "You wouldn't believe how much prettier gold looks in a virtual world, plus, having things to trade a la eBay is the bees knees." Well. And in related news, the rock band 311 has now declined to participate in the free concert to celebrate Urbantopia. 311 frontman was qouted as saying, "It seems now that they want Pt and they want Au, my bandmates and I - depressed - don't know what we ought to do." Well, what a day folks, what a day.

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